Open Education Resources, MOOCs, Social Media and other Online Learning Trends



• Diaz, V., Brown, M. & Pelletier, S. (2013). Learning and the massive, online, open course. ELI Paper No. 2. EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. When reading this consider how you might be able to incorporate certain sections of MOOCs (Remember what we did in this class, back in Unit 2 with an already developed MOOC!) within your instructional module.
• Lagerwey, J. (2013). Grading with Google+: Assessing social media assignments. Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier, 1.
• Sloan, A.M., & Linardopoulos. (2011). Development, implementation and evaluation of a grading rubric for online discussions. Journal of Online Teaching and Learning, 7(4).
• Blog post: Eight Brilliant Minds on the Future of Online Education

Podcast concerning Online Learning and Emerging Trends. This discussion summarizes much of what we have addressed throughout the MOD concerning trends in online learning, social media, APPs and how learning has changed as a result of the changes that have arisen as a result of online learning.
Web Activities
• Online article about the ways in which online educators can integrate social media into their instructional modules.
• This Mashable site also offers suggestions as to how to infuse social media into online courses.

• Explore these K-12 APPS that can be incorporated into online classes
• This EDUCAUSE site offers suggestions as to how to incorporate Google+ and other Google tools into instructional modules.



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