Rubrics – information and resources…

I have only recently realized Rubrics are very necessary for organizing instructional materials and coursework. The resources below are very helpful and useful for creating rubrics:

Livingston, M. (2012). The infamy of grading rubrics. English Journal, 102(2), 108-113.

Anglin, L., Anglin, K., Schumann, P.L. & Kaliski, J.A. (2008). Improving the efficiency and effectivesness of grading through the use of computer -assisted grading rubricsDecision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education,6(1), 51-73.

Online Resources for Rubric Development 

Rubistar — A free, web-based tool for rubric development

Digital Media Scoring Guides — A free, customizable scoring guide for the creation of evaluations of students’ written work

Creating a rubric — A tutorial that offers a guide through the basic steps to creating rubrics for evaluating student performances.

For All Rubrics — web based program for developing rubrics. Also available as an APP for iPad, tablets and phones.

TeacherVision: Creating Rubrics — A web based, five part series that explores how one teacher has designed, refined and implemented rubrics in a variety of instructional areas.


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